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Employee Testimonial

Our people are our most important asset. We take pride in employing the best people with unwavering support to the business and their professions. It's just right we make sure we provide them with careers nothing short of rewarding and fulfilling. 

  • Lorraine



    Fresh from a stint in one of the Big 4 auditing firms, I was full of curiosity when I joined the Company in late 2004. I wanted to see what was on the other side of the fence and understand the nitty-gritty of an accountant's job. Little did I know that I was also signing up for a voyage that would be full of twists and turns and could best be described as fun, educational, challenging and fulfilling. The Company has allowed me to expand my horizon and set foot in areas outside my comfort zone. After spending seven years in Finance, I joined Lafarge Group Audit where I had the opportunity to visit several business units in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. The two-year experience taught me to embrace diversity, adapt in a multi-cultural environment and live independently. I learned a lot as the job required me to be a generalist covering a wide array of non-Finance topics across the three product lines. At present, I am learning the ropes at my new role in Strategy. As I reflect upon my journey in Republic, I realize that I've stayed this long because I'm in an environment that allows me to learn and grow, to take on new challenges knowing that my mentors will be there to support me, and to nurture friendships that have grown within the four walls of Salcedo Tower.

  • Caridad



    I started my career with Republic as an Accountant right after I passed the CPA Licensure Examinations many years back. Since then, it has been a remarkable professional journey up to my current role as Director for Strategic Marketing Projects. I am delighted in the diversity of the roles I've assumed and the trainings I've been through from Accounting to Procurement, to Industrial Ecology and up to my current role in Marketing. Altogether, my employment with Republic has been very challenging and likewise fulfilling. Republic has been investing in its people and indeed committed into providing the employees with professional growth opportunities and supportive work environment.

  • Mark B.

    Mark B.


    Because of the Cadet Program, I had the opportunity to be a manager and lead a team comprising of driven, proactive and dynamic individuals. I have developed my soft skills and adapt to different personalities and cultures in every site within or outside of the Philippines.

  • Allan



    Cadetship does not confine you to your degree of education. If you find yourself better in a certain department, develop it. Don't be afraid to learn new things, break out, do things differently, and trust yourself. I am an electrical engineer, but as for my current position I am also involve in troubleshooting production and process issues, develops future leaders and, plan and manage plant improvement projects. Cadetship does not guaranty a brighter future, but how you perform during and after the program does.

  • Arlon



    Six years ago, I became part of our company's comprehensive and structured development program for engineers, that is, the Cadet Engineering Program. Since then, my career development has been on a steady uphill slope; I started as a Junior Supervisor, became a Junior Section Head, and now I am the head of a Department. Being a Cadet enabled me to harness my own potential towards my own professional career progression while being able to contribute my skills for the growth of Republic Cement.

  • BJ



    Choosing to undertake the Cadetship Program has proven to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. The program is a well-rounded package focused on allowing the individual to excel and I found the work environment to be especially welcoming and supportive.

  • Jeco



    As a Cadet Engineer, I was given remarkable opportunities to share and enhance my skills and capabilities in cement manufacturing process. The Cadetship Program provided me clear and challenging objectives. We were involved in creating the plant’s innovation/opportunity studies, performance reviews, and were even rewarded and recognized for the contributions we made. The training and developmental plan were aligned with the business priorities and was integrated in plant management cycle.

  • Malou



    My career has prospered, from a Trade Marketing Manager, to a Bagged Segment Manager, to Marketing Manager. This coming year, I'm looking at a new position which will add value to me as a Marketing practitioner. If you want to, and you're able to, you can move from one position to another, or one department to another, to hone your skills and be the person you want to be or be in the position you want to get. What you can achieve depends on YOU. From an individual contributor, I have developed into a manager handling more than 10 people. I have been successful with the support of my managers and HR, who provide me with the right exposure (on-the-job), mentoring and training, to make me ready to take on the jobs I'm assigned to. When you join Republic Cement, you will be joining not just a company, but a family composed of people who care for each other and help each other achieve their goals.

  • Mon


    Human Resource

    Having been with the Company for more than 10 years is a testimony in itself that something is right on how the company manages its talent. Prior to joining Republic, I used to have a 3-year itch. I itch my way out of the company to look for better rewards and better developmental opportunities. My realization as to why I stayed longer than I ever expected can be summed up to just one simple reason, and that is People Development. People Development in Republic has been engrained in its management system and cycle ensuring continuous developmental opportunities for its people. Wide array of opportunities are available from the formal classroom trainings to on-the-job learnings to cross-functional project/mission assignments to cross entity transfers. Apart from being a recipient of a cross-entity transfer, I had some opportunities to work for cross country assignments in India and in Paris. I worked with multi-cultural teams and was able to contribute to project which was implemented globally. Indeed variety of work experience coupled with the rightful intent of further developing its people is valuable, and may even be the key to talent attraction and retention. As if this is not sufficient enough, the company is even leveling this up by its Total Rewards approach. The approach intends to cover the overall value of the employment experience, which means additional focus on Pay, Benefits, Career and a healthy Work Environment.