Bio Roof

Bio Roof

Bio Roof ®

Bio Roof® is an innovative green roof solution capable of adapting to gardens of any size and shape. It can be used for 'extensive' green roofs, like grass and sedums as well as 'intensive' green roofs composed of large trees and shrubs. 

Bio Roof

Bio Mix™ is a special lightweight growing medium that provides stable structure for the anchorage of the plant's roots. It allows good drainage and aeration while having sufficient water-holding capacity, thereby, reducing watering cycles.

Bio Lite™ are natural lightweight aggregates that promote healthy plant growth by providing good drainage capability to prevent asphyxiation of the roots. It can conform  to any shape and depth of the green roof which is not possible with synthetic drainage trays.

Our special waterproofing membrane is designed for sub-grade environments. It is algae resistant and has passed the most stringent European tests for root resistance, including both the German FLL and the Swiss SIA 280 Standards.


Further Info

  •   Roof decks
  •   Podium landscaping
  •   Pocket gardens
  •   Complete green roof solution
  •   Innovative system capable of adapting to gardens of any size and shape
  •   At least 25 percent lighter than traditional green rood systems
  •   Excess water drained quickly through various layers