Portland Duo

For high strength comparable to REPUBLIC® Type I and moderate heat (MH) and moderate sulfate-resistance (MS) like Type II.

Portland Duo®

Portland Duo® is blended Portland cement enhanced with interground high quality fly ash to provide the benefits of both Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Moderate Heat Cement.

The result is superior value for ready-mix concrete batching plants and their customers through significant durability improvement and potential cost savings through mix design optimization.

• Ready-mix concrete applications requiring medium to high strengths
• Ideal for structural concrete in high-rise projects and massive structures
• Base cement for high-strength concrete, pumpcrete and high performance concrete
• May be used as stand-alone binder or with fly ash
 • Exceeds the ASTM standard for OPC 28-day compressive strength
• Contains interground high-quality fly ash as performance enhancer
• Lower water requirement than OPC
• Moderate heat of hydration
• Cost savings from optimized design mix
• Superior durability from improved consistency, particle size distribution and compactness effect compared to when adding unclassified fly ash
• Flexibility of batching plant to adjust design mix with or without cementitious material
• Higher compressive strength, minimized shrinkage and cracking
• Minimized problems such as thermal cracking for concrete with high binder content

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For general purpose, ideal for:
  •   High rise structures
  •   Massive structures 


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