For disaster-resilient homes.


 KAPIT-BALAY™ is your partner in progress. It is high performance premium pozzolan cement with fly-ash for dense concrete structure. It was used in construction and rehabilitation projects for communities in Bohol, Cebu, Iloilo, Leyte, and Samar.

KAPIT-BALAY™ has special-formula proprietary cement with fly-ash for strength and durability. It has structural strength proven for 1-2 storey homes and meets American and Philippines standards for Type P compressive strength. It possesses good workability to allow new disaster resilient designs and faster construction of communities.

KAPIT-BALAY™ aims to provide innovation to serve the common good. It is now being used by Habitat for Humanities, Gawad Kalinga and other NGOs and the NHA.

• Lower heat of hydration
• Denser concrete with reduced permeability
• Longer board life • Improved workability
• Less prone to (thermal) cracking
• Greater resistance against chemical attacks, superior durability
• Reduces wastage and water addition, better finishing
• Ease of application and compaction


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