For superior, beautiful structures you can be proud of.


FORTUNE® with Lakas at Pulido benefit is a premium quality blended cement (Type IP) for general purpose applications. It uses special technology that makes concrete mix denser, more bonded and more workable for strong and beautiful structures you can be proud of. 

It is a blended cement that uses high quality fly ash to enhance its workability and long-term durability. A study conducted by WWF-Philippines shows that the total environmental burden, which includes carbon emission, from manufacturing blended cement is one-fourth lower than in producing OPC.
• Lower water requirement than Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
• Denser concrete
• Better concrete cohesion
• Improved workability
• Improved flowability

• Higher compressive strength, exceeding ASTM standards for OPC
• Greater resistance against chemical attacks
• Reduced segregation, minimized rock holes (ampaw)
• Ease of application and compaction
• Ease of pumping

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General construction:
  •   Houses
  •   Buildings
  •   Roads
  •   Bridges
Ideal for general concrete applications:
  •   Foundations
  •   Columns
  •   Walls
  •   Slabs
  •   Beams


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