Base Course

Base Course

REPUBLIC® Dolomitic Concrete Aggregates are 100% crushed and structurally-graded aggregates. This cement mix essential has comparable strength to the more common basalt aggregates concrete. 

Base Course

Nominal Size: 100% Passing at 37.5 mm sieve

Quality Assurance: Meets DPWH Item 201 and Item 202 specifications

Uses: pavement base prior to concreting or asphalting

REPUBLIC® Dolomitic Concrete Aggregates are well-proportioned and progressively-sized; thus it reduces voids that result in greater concrete strength and a more economical mix. It is also lighter in color making it ideal for further aesthetical and decorative finishing. 


General construction:
  •   Houses
  •   Buildings
  •   Roads
  •   Bridges
  •   Superstructures
Ideal for general concrete applications:
  •   Footing
  •   Pavements
  •   Foundations
  •   Precasts