Occupational Health

Our people are our most important asset and we are aware of the fact that good performance requires good health. Republic has always been an organization committed to the improvement of our employee's health and wellness. Our Health and Safety teams across all sites provide tools and resources for an employee to stay healthy or make measurable health improvements. The programs in place continuously yields healthy results for our employees, family members, contractors and the rest of our stakeholders.  We aim to live the principles we promote as a company and set a new standard of health improvement in our work environment. 

Risk Assessment

We conduct qualitative and quantitative health risks assessment to effectively anticipate, recognize, evaluate & control health hazards in workplace which may cause sickness, impaired health and well-being, or significant discomfort among workers or the community. This includes Walkthrough Survey, Qualitative Risk Assessment, and Quantitative Risk Assessment using Personal Industrial Hygiene Assessment. 

Hierarchy of Control

Following the principle of hierarchy of control, we determine how to implement feasible and effective controls within our operations. This approach groups actions by their likely effectiveness in reducing or removing hazards.

In most cases, the preferred approach is to eliminate the hazard source. When elimination is not possible, substitution of the equipment or process may be the next best alternative to protect workers. If the hazard cannot be controlled through elimination of the source or substitution, engineering controls may be installed to reduce the risk to safer levels.


Health Assessment and Medical Surveillance 

Our employees undergo several routine and random health assessments are done to ensure that they are medically fit for work, to check if the risks they are exposed to have no effect on their health, and to prevent future health issues. We follow Health Assessment Standard Operating Procedure (HASOP) where individual questionnaire and medical examination are done to collect and assess personal health and job related risk data of our employees.

Medical Emergency Services 

Each of our sites has a 24/7 plant clinic operation. We have onsite OH physicians and nurses who tend to medical emergencies.

As part of the program we also provide the following

  • Medical Case Management
  • Health & Wellness Education
  • Vaccination
  • Site Regulatory Compliance and Localized Health Policies
  • TB, HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis B Education in the Workplace