Health and Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees and contractors is our top priority. The Group has implemented an uncompromising safety policy for all of its stakeholders. It also participates in public health programs that benefit both employees and local communities. Our commitment to Health and Safety aims to result to a more improved performance and a higher quality service based on safe and healthful operations in our sites.

Our Health and Safety Policy

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, contractors, and stakeholders. Health and Safety (H&S) is a core value for which everyone must strive to achieve the highest standard of performance.

We recognize that it is management's fundamental responsibility to develop, nurture, and sustain a mature safety culture where every manager and supervisor is aware of all key risks and assures the safety of everyone under his/her supervision.

We acknowledge that H&S is an integral part of our business performance and that the achievement of zero fatality and zero lost time injury is an expected standard of safety excellence. Thus:

  • H&S shall be integrated into our management systems.

  • Our policies and procedures will address unsafe conditions and promote programs to establish a high level of safety awareness and responsibility among employees, contractors, and third-parties.

  • All incidents shall be reported and investigated promptly, with lessons learned and corrective actions communicated throughout the organization.

  • Our learning and development programs will ensure that all who work with us are competent to to safely carry out their tasks.

  • We will recognize and reward employees, contractors, and stakeholders who attain excellent safety performance while managing a disciplinary program to investigate and impose corresponding penalties for willful violators.

Everyone working with us, either directly or indirectly, must understand the specific H&S risks that they face at work and observe the rules to protect themselves and the people they work with.